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Why I don’t mind my toddler watching TV

I’ve been to so many mum & baby groups where some mums are adamant that they will not let their child watch TV and that they must play with their child all day long. That’s fine I have nothing against that. Personally it would drive me insane.

I have used the TV for Alana from a young age. It’s not on all day but sometimes it has been a life changer for me to get work done or do the washing up etc.

Alana is now 22 months old and knows all of her favourite TV characters. Peppa Pig, Thomas, Upsy Daisy and Po to name a few. My personal opinion is that kids TV is horrible and annoying but it keeps her happy.

It’s everything in moderation. She is a very active child and we go out every single day without fail, to walk the dog come rain or shine, so the dog gets his excercise and fresh air and Alana does too. Then we also go out to playgroups or toddler classes most days too.

Alana also loves her books and demands the same books every night before bed! The dinosaur that pooped either the bed, Christmas, planet or the past by Tom Fletcher and Dougie from McFly. She loves them and is now obsessed with Dinosaurs! Available here

Alana has been talking since she was about 8 months old with her first word being Doggie! She now speaks very clearly and forms sentences and counts to 10!

When she watches the TV she joins in with the dancing, copies the Teletubbies and does baby Yoga and sings to all the theme tunes even when the TV isn’t on.

In France I’ve heard they say that TV can cause things like ADD and ADHD. I guess we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it but now I don’t see anything wrong with her. She’s a very normal child.

So to any mums who are in doubt about the TV, don’t be, it’s helped my child to develop and helps me to get a moments peace!

Below is Alana watching The little mermaid. I put this on as she had a cutlery set with mermaids and a book so she knew how to say mermaid and what it was. She loved it and sat there for ages. The tail was a gift someone gave her at her 1st birthday which now she can use as she knows what it is. I can’t wait to watch more Disney films with her just as I did as a child and there’s nothing wrong with me! (Much)

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