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Thrifty Organising ideas for a clean kids room

Having a kid and keeping its room clean and organised is a real challenge. When it comes to your children, you need to be creative and to think like them. Most of the parents are fed up with the battle cry of “Make up your room”, but everything stems from the way the room is organised. You will be surprised to know that if the kids like their room, they are more inclined to take the initiative and maintain it. In the arranging of the kids’ room there is one universal rule – it should be imaginative and convenient. You need to find a way to provide an easy access to everything which your kid may want and limit the access to unnecessary things. Kids usually fumble for one particular thing, but they need to go through all the rest in order to find it. This is the mess-creator! Find out an inexpensive remedy for the problem in this article.

Let’s think like a kid! This is the first step to finding a solution. Every kid has unique character which you need to comply with. But there is one common thing between them all and that is the love to play. Toys have always been the arrow in the Achilles’ heel of parents. Kids usually have their favourite toys, which appear to be the ones they play with most of the time. The key to organise your child’s toys is to make them as much visible to your child as possible. This means to arrange all  toys in a way that your kid will have a good look on them and he/she will be able to choose. One practical way is to use an organiser with more compartments, where you can arrange all stuffed toys. Arrange toys in accordance to most liked, liked and less liked. Put the last group on the top, where the kid has no access to them. This will save you the picking up the toys from the floor when you are cleaning the room. For the smaller toys, use plastic boxes or baskets.

The other favourite activity of all kids is painting. Almost all parents have, at least once, the pleasure to enjoy the masterpieces of their kids on the wall. This artistic activity is related to pencils and crayons in total disarray. Instead of allowing your feet to meet the pain of stepping on the tools, better figure out one easy solution. Put all pencils, pens, crayons in jars. Thus, your kid will be able to see them all and choose the one they need to complete their masterpiece.

The wardrobe of your kid won’t look like a bomb has been dropped in it if you know how to arrange it. Use as much hangers as possible, because that way your kid will easily spot the T-shirt, which he/ she needs and grab, without messing everything else. If you don’t have enough space for hangers, you can just fold clothes and sort them out into sections. Label the sections, so that your kid will know where are the socks, pants and everything needed. This will save you also time and nerves in the morning race.

Books are inevitable part of every kid’s room. Facilitate easy access to every book by arranging them in fan-like order. This way, your kid will pick up the needed title and put it back, when they’re done  reading.

Most parents solve the problem with mess by limiting the access of the kid to certain toys, which she/ he doesn’t play with. That is not the right approach, because you will establish a relation with your child, based on distrust. Don’t be sneaky, but creative! The rule you need to follow is to make everything visible. This will save a lot of fumbling and mess. You are not a guardian of the order, but a parent! Act like that and create an inspirational room for your kid!

Of course, you should also discard stuff your child doesn’t like or doesn’t play with often enough. Opt to donate items that can be reused. The less items your child has in their room, the less likely they are to mess their room. And, of course, the less items you need to shift when you clean your child’s room, the sooner you’ll finish.

To clean your kid’s room, you need to follow several rules. Firstly, you should indulge them in the process. Children as young as 3 can pick up toys and put them back where they belong. By teaching your child that it’s important to clean, you’ll also teach them that keeping clean is just as necessary; and you’ll even help them turn this into a healthy habit. Secondly, always use natural cleaning products. Children’s immune systems are way weaker than that of adults. So, using market-bought detergents which contain a cocktail of dangerous chemicals can lead to the development of numerous allergies in your child. And that’s no fun. You can make cleaning products yourself using products you have in the kitchen. The results will be the same as using a market-bought product, but healthier and cheaper.

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