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The Pros of having a Dog with Children

I wanted to write this post for anyone contemplating getting a dog when you already have children.

We actually got our dog (Dudley) just as I’d fallen pregnant with my first child.

He’s a complete nutter Sprocker Spaniel which is a Springer crossed with a working cocker. He’s 100% mental.

There was always the worry that he may become jealous once the baby came along. That never happened. Dudley quickly realised once Alana got bigger and began to move that it was another person who could love and play with him and I think he remembers that as when Mila came along he was very chilled and loving towards her and if anything they have an even stronger bond than he did with Alana.

So the Pros for having a dog with children:

  1. Your children will never have a dog phobia.

  2. The children are always entertained when he’s about.

  3. They exhaust each other at the park.

  4. They say it’s good for their immune system.

  5. It’s better to have the dog first so the kids won’t ask for one when they’re older!

  6. It makes you go for a walk, which is good for you, the dog and children.

  7. The dog was a good stepping stone for what was to come although toilet training was much easier!

  8. He cleans up any leftover food on the floor!

The dog annoys me sometimes as much as the kids and my husband but he’s always wagging his tail, giving me cuddles and loves the children. Just like people he has his flaws but he is the most loving dog around kids even kids he doesn’t know. I couldn’t ask for a better dog around the kids.

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