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Gifts to buy a new Mum

I wanted to write this to hopefully give others some inspiration on what to buy a new mum and baby. Whether it’s a first child or fourth, a gift is always welcome. I’m going from my own experience of gifts I enjoyed or would’ve liked.

1. Something for her!

She hasn’t been able to drink in 10 months so a nice bottle of wine or bubbles would no doubt be welcomed with open arms! She will be inundated in baby clothes so something for her would be nice too.

2. Clothes.

Yes clothes for the new baby is an obvious choice although more often than not she will have already gone out and bought everything she likes already so I would suggest buying something in the next size as no doubt she’ll be needing this, although make sure it’s in season. She won’t need knitted cardigans in the summer!

3. Matching clothes!

If she already has another child then don’t forget that child might be feeling a bit left out. A new baby has come along and taken up all of the attention, something for the older child is nice too and I’m a huge fan of matching clothes!! These matching T shirts are great from and there are lots of different options!

4. A night out!

For me I would’ve loved this! Someone to say, “don’t worry about the kids for one night only, go out and enjoy yourself!” Particularly with my husband I can’t even remember our last date night and quality time is so important.

5. A good old voucher!

Whether it’s amazon, mothercare or something else, it will get used! Even if it goes on nappies, it’s still a great gift!

6. Savings!

When both of my children were born, I opened isa accounts for them both which we can’t touch until they’re 18 but we can pay into. Any money they are given we put in there too along with paying monthly into them. It’s important for their future and might just save you the money when they turn around and ask for a car!!

Hopefully that’s a few nice ideas, some are a bit different to the usual!

Kim x

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