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BRAT- Behaviour Rage And Tantrums

I take no pride in saying that at the moment my daughter is a Brat!

First came the ‘terrible twos’ then there was the ‘threenager’ but now we have hit four I believe it’s ‘can’t take no more!’

We do not spoil her, we simply can’t afford to. She doesn’t always get what she wants and we don’t always give in.

The meltdowns have become bigger and are driving me insane.

I have tried calming her down, ignoring, shouting, nothing I do seems to work! The embarrassment just hits me!

I never see other children having tantrums but it must happen right? It can’t just be me?

Am I a bad parent?

These are all the emotions I feel.

I haven’t brought her up to have no manners yet when given a present by none other than Santa himself!! She says she doesn’t want it and refuses to say thank you.

Like seriously what am I doing wrong?

Please tell me this phase stops and she becomes an angel child.

Kim x

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