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Be Yourself, Everyone else is taken!

I’ve always felt quite strongly that I wouldn’t be a ‘pushy parent’ and my children can try anything they like. Just because I love Theatre, doesn’t mean my children will and I won’t force it upon them if they would prefer to play or watch football. If it makes them happy I think it’s a good thing.

The thing that annoys me slightly is the following the crowd. I’m saying this as a theatre school owner so I’ve seen it first hand. Just because little billy wants to do Gymnastics now, why must little Sally also follow? As a parent surely it’s us that are teaching our children to be fickle. One family actually changed theatre schools 3 times in the past year and their friends followed them.

I used to love growing up with friends at Primary School and then having different friends at my weekend or after school activities and in fact these are the ones I’m still in touch with now.

As a parent if I can see my child loves to play football but her best friend Sandra Dee doesn’t and wants to do ballet instead then I will tell my child to stick at what she enjoys! Sandra will still be there at school or on a play date but you’ll make other friends and still be enjoying your own activity. This teaches them to be independent, to have their own mind, different friends.

Instead of putting kids in 20 different activities, stick at one or two that they love and or are good at!

I appreciated honesty from a parent just the other day who said that her daughter has really enjoyed our classes but is missing her football lessons and wants to go back. Good! This child has her own mind (as lots of her friends come to the classes) and she’s sticking at what she loves.

I think my rant is over!

What are your views on this?

Kim x

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