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Winge winge wine

Today has been one of those days!

Usually you’ll get maybe one child that plays up but today it was both even though one was at pre school until 3pm!

The youngest (10 months) is apparently going through a ‘leap’ even though I’ve never really agreed with all the wonder weeks stuff as all children are different. She’s certainly not happy but I don’t know if it’s a leap, teething, a slight cold, frustration, clingy ness it could be any or even all of them!

I have to admit I let her winge herself to sleep. I’d done everything I could and she was clearly tired. She was safe in her cot and wasn’t screaming it was definitely winging.

The 3 year old I was adamant had come out of the tantrum stage but my god was I wrong!

I am shattered! The phone had constantly been ringing and emails have been flooding in and I need to sit and sort my accounts out.

It’s one of those days where I’m literally not sure what day it is or what the date is or anything.

The positives were Mila (10 months) has learnt to clap and to say clap which is super cute and I had a lovely walk at a local park this morning!

I think it’s Wednesday tomorrow and it’s a new day. I need to shower and watch some crap TV and then sleep for a long time!

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