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Zara DogDog on the school run Review

As a mummy of 3 (including the dog) I was delighted to read this new story book from Zara Dogdog

We’ve not yet done the ‘school run’ ourselves but when September comes and we can hopefully walk to school, I plan to take our crazy Spaniel with us so this book seemed quite appropriate.

The book series is aimed at children 3 plus so my 4 year old loved it and really listened to the moral of the story. The moral being, how to behave safely around a dog, read a dogs body language and what may frighten a dog.

There have been times when we’ve been at the park and a child has stroked Dudley or played with him before even asking. I know my dog is friendly but not everyone does and although I’m not afraid of dogs and I know my children aren’t, not all dogs are friendly and there have been times another dog has approached my child and I’ve had to either move my child out of the way or ask the owner if it’s safe.

Not only does the book series make children aware of how to treat dogs but adults should take note too.

A while back, Dudley dropped his ball at a lady’s feet and she screamed and jumped out of her skin making everyone look at my dog like he’d done something terrible. But literally two days ago I also had a grown adult ask me if she could stroke my dog, to which I replied “only if you’re prepared to be licked.”

I absolutely love the idea that has gone into this book series, we’ve now read the book two nights in a row and spoken about it afterwards.

You can also visit the website for further tips on how to be safe around dogs.

I think the books would be perfect for children who might have a fear of dogs and a great way for their parents to help them overcome it.

Whilst I’m a big believer that it’s not the breed of dog that causes problems, it’s the owner and the way a dog is treated, this reinforces the way we should treat them!

Kim x

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