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When 1 becomes 2

Our latest addition to our family is now 1 month old today. Another little girl to finish the family.

I definitely hadn’t imagined just how tough it was going to be…

I was preparing for sleepless nights and endless crying. Instead I’ve been blessed with another brilliant sleeper and content baby. Part of that I feel was my decision to stop Breast feeding after 10 days but that’s another blog.

The hardest part has been Alana, my 2.8 year old! She hasn’t acted jealous at all, in fact she’s been really sweet, stroking Mila, wanting cuddles and always telling her she loves her.

She has become extremely clingy with me and the tantrums have become extreme! It’s every 10 minutes. She was always content before but now she’s exhausting. My husband works in education so he has the summer off which is very helpful for me but I’m dreading him going back to work! I’m not sure how I’ll cope with the constant attention seeking. While I’ve tried my hardest not to exlude her and to still make a fuss, it’s flipping hard! It’s a massive change for her but she’s definitely playing up and being extra naughty.

She goes to pre School one day a week but obviously that’s off too for the summer and she won’t get the free hours until January as her birthday is November. Again another blog for how expensive childcare is!

So to sum up, my experience of having a second child was nothing like I’d imagined. The hard work is with the first born rather than a newborn.

Any tips are greatly appreciated!

Kim x

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