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Top tips for saving money on random things

Every month we struggle for money and I don’t think we’ll ever afford to buy a house but that being said we love our little rented cottage.

Here are some of my tips for saving money on random things recently:

1. A Tyre

I had the struggle recently of a flat tyre. Luckily it was just outside my house. I called a mobile tyre company who wanted to charge me £100 to change it and Kwik Fit couldn’t come out for 3 days so I ended up doing it myself. My husband talked me through it and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be so not only did it save me money but now I’d feel confident enough to do it again if ever I’m stuck!

2. Birthday Cake

My daughter just turned 3 and wanted a Frozen Birthday Cake. I wasn’t willing to buy one from the supermarket or get one made that would cost £50-£70 so I made it myself. The ingredients barely cost £5 and it was fun doing it. Let’s face it she’s 3 and probably won’t remember it in years to come but I will and it’s quite fun to look back on especially when it came to the party and I’d forgotten the bloody thing!

3. Cleaning a Duvet

I’d never done this before but it was going to cost between £25-£30 to clean our winter duvet which we’d got down from the loft and was absolutely filthy. I googled online to see if I could do it myself and seeing as my washing machine is 9kg load I did it!

4. Sanitary towels

Not the most fun subject but every women gets their dreaded period once a month and you spend a bit of money on tampons and sanitary towels. I bought some cloth towels from amazon which can be washed. They’re comfy and supposedly meant to reduce cramping but I’m not sure on that one.

5. Childcare

My daughter attends Pre School one day a week. Come January she gets the free hours but I needed just one day to my self. I signed up to this scheme where the government pay in 20% so what would have cost me £136 per month now only costs me £109. Still expensive but saves me a little bit.

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