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Things I wish I could tell my younger self

Life is full of regrets but instead of regretting the big things in life like Buying a house, getting married etc I’ve decided to write a post about the little things I regret. If I could travel in a time machine these are some of the things I’d tell my younger self:

1. Don’t cut your hair!

I used to have lovely long, thick locks that went all the way to my bottom. When I started secondary school I thought it was cool to cut it all off. It never grew again and now as an adult I’d love to have naturally long hair but it grows so slowly and ends up with split ends and feeling dry.

2. Ditch the fake tan

Teenage girls always seem to go through the stage of wearing tons of fake tan and end up looking rather orange. I didn’t realise this was still a thing but it sure is and I was one of those teenage girls! It looks awful and streaky!

3. Don’t touch the Rose!

Rose wine certainly disagreed with me at age 18. After demolishing 2 bottles in O Neills once the day after wasn’t so fun and I can honestly say I’ve never drank it since. The smell today even puts me off.

4. Don’t moan about being fat as a size 10

A curvy size 10 in the Performing Arts industry was still classed as fat. I would love to have that figure now, oh if my Jazz teacher could see me now.

5. Save your money

Why oh why did I spend money on such pointless things? Hair extensions that cost a bomb, stupid clothes and sunbeds!

What would you tell your younger self?

Kim x

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