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The Act Of kindness

I’m nearing 30 and feeling very sentimental about a lot of things particularly the friends I have made.

Recently I posted a go fund me campaign to help raise funds to fix my dogs broken leg. I never imagined so many people to donate. Friends of the past and friends I made a week ago. Most of whom have never even met my dog and those who have also know how annoying he can be when they come over.

I also had some total strangers donate which I never believed would happen.

People who I know don’t have a lot of money and still wanted to donate something.

To everyone who donated I am forever thankful and I’m now looking for ideas on how to thank every single person individually.

For a while I’ve been thinking about how horrible situations can be and how nasty some people can be but this really helped me overcome that and sometimes family aren’t who you need.

I have also been given bags of clothes for my children from other mums, presents to say thank you and so many more things.

Kindness really does exist and I want to repay these acts of kindness with kindness.

I’m a little stuck on ideas so if anyone can think of anything I can do please let me know.

The world needs more kindness.

Let’s always be kind and teach our children to be kind too.

Kim x

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