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Terrible 2’s!!

So I am now 31 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and I have been diagnosed as having low iron stores and SPD. I definitely feel more exhausted this time around but I thought it may have been lifestyle and having a 2.5 year old running around so I’m now hoping taking iron tablets might help me perk up a bit.

So with all this going on I’m pretty sure my lovely first born has now hit the terrible 2’s! She has started refusing to eat certain things and refuses to do anything she’s asked. Sometimes I have a full on argument with her it’s like having a 14 year old!

Disciplining her is really hard! Today I found the best thing for her not eating her lunch was me eating chocolate cake right in front of her and not giving her any. She balled her eyes out and I felt good because 1. It was yummy and 2. I wasn’t shouting.

Sometimes I feel all I do is shout at her and the neighbours must think I’m crazy.

Being a parent is not easy, how you can go from feeling like a Devil women to still looking at your child and loving them so much even when they are clearly being a brat!

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