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Super Yummies review

1. Had you heard of Super Yummies before today? If so, where?

(eg: Saw it in store, Friends/family recommended, TV, Facebook, Through bloggers, It is

part of my repertoire, other (please state). I had never heard of these before.

2. What other dairy products does your little one enjoy? For example: yoghurt, smoothies,

custard, etc. (please state) loves yogurts

3. Before trying the product – what are your initial thoughts about the Super Yummies Dairy

Pots? Great idea as they do not need to be chilled.

4. Upon opening the pot – What do you think of the product (colour, smell, texture, taste)? Fruity, thicker than yogurt, similar to custard.

5. Can you describe your little one’s reaction to the first couple of spoons Super Yummies

Dairy Pots? Did your little one finish the pot? She was very intrigued at something new. She said it was fruity. She finished the whole thing.

6. When did your little one try the Dairy Pots? As pudding to their main meal or as a snack

during the day? It was after dinner as a pudding.

7. Knowing that it is safe to keep them at room temperature and that they have no artificial

preservatives, would you consider taking them out of home? If so, in which occasions? Yes they would be great for lunchboxes

8. What other flavours would you be interested in having as part of the product offer? Any.

9. If you were to rate the Super Yummies Dairy Pots, what mark would you give them and

why? (1 being lowest and 10 being the highest) 10

10. Would you add Super Yummies Dairy Pots to your repertoire? Why? Yes I would, something different in the house and being able to take them out is a bonus.

11. Would you recommend Super Yummies Dairy Pots to another mum and why? Yes absolutely. Kids love them and I quite liked it

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