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Review- Positive Wellbeing Zine for mums, issue 2, By Isabella & Us

I’ve just finished reading this wonderful issue especially for mums! It’s a mini mummy magazine and is completely uplifting and full of positivity!

As a mummy who has suffered from PND, anxiety and depression in the past, I found it extremely intriguing to read positive quotes and stories from other mums including business mums. Great recipes, gift ideas and tips on being a new mum and very importantly, Self Care!

The Zine is aimed at new mums, old mums and even expectant mums so it covers lots of areas.

What I find even more amazing, is that Emma (The creator) launched the product after suffering herself with PND and finding the transition to motherhood hard.

Issue 3 is available to ore order now via Isabella and us and while you’re there take a look at some of the lovely items that are on sale. Some great gift ideas and even for yourself!

To get a nice little 15% discount use my code KIM valid until the end of May! I’ll be using it myself!

Kim x

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