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Review- Finding Their Way Home

We read a brand new book tonight called “Finding their way home” by Nicky Copeland, a true story of Cleo & Baloo the cats!

Cleo & Baloo we’re both rescue cats that were adopted by Nicky in Essex.

We have always read a story to Alana every evening as part of her bedtime routine. Alana is very into animals and recently watched the Aristocats for the first time so I knew this was perfect! It’s written in poetry and the illustration by Little Wing Design is beautiful. When I asked Alana what she thought she said “lovely” and she sat and listened to the whole thing which really is a compliment! She has now asked to read it 2 nights in a row.

The book costs £3.99 and can be purchased here

You can follow the author Nicky here Instagram

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