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Reasons my child is crying (and why we shouldn’t judge)

My daughter is now 2 (27 months to be precise) and she loves to tantrum. She has done since about 18 months. I’ve seen a few parents lately who feel ashamed because their child is lying on the floor rolling around having a tantrum. I even spoke to one who said she felt as though she was naked and everyone was looking at her!

Well I’ve made a list of all the reasons my child has cried/tantrumed in the last week or so and why I do not judge another mum if out in public and their child is doing the same.

1. The bus wouldn’t fit in the tiny handbag.

2. The fish cake was hot.

3. The dog was sat on the sofa next to mummy.

4. I wouldn’t get her another biscuit.

5. I wouldn’t let her run in the road.

6. She ate all her sandwich.

7. Frozen finished.

8. She woke up.

All legitimate reasons as to why she would cry/kick up a fuss/scream the roof down! So for anyone who judges you because your child is crying for the above reasons or similar. Just tell them to sod off! We are mums looking out for our young, not putting them in danger. Yes it can certainly be frustrating at times but we ignore and carry on and the children forget. When my daughter is 15 years old, I’m pretty sure she won’t remember that I ignored her when she cried because iggle piggle was in the pushchair and it was meant to be Elsa from Frozen!

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