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Potty Training

I started potty training my nearly 3 year old about 4 months ago really but my daughter was absolutely petrified of the potty. She would hold her wee in all day long to avoid sitting on it. We tried the toilet instead, still the same. We covered her potty in stickers. The same. I bribed her with every kind of treat. The same. She just really hated it and would sob every time she sat on it. I started to worry because all of her friends were starting to use it including one who was potty trained from 9 months old!! She knew when she was going, I just couldn’t understand the phobia.

Then suddenly this week she found her confidence and it’s taken all of 2 days and she is now wearing knickers! It’s a miracle. I am so proud of her.

What I want to say to other mums is not to compare to other children. They are all different. In my experience leaving it later has worked as it’s taken no time at all and my carpets have hardly needed to be cleaned! Don’t rush it, they will be ready when they are ready.

Kim x

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