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PND and me

With the news this week that Adele has come out with suffering with post Natal depression I think it’s brilliant that she has been honest and is raising awareness of the subject so that other women do not feel alone and can help fight the stigma around it.

I suffered with pre & post natal depression. It was a very dark time in my life in which it was supppsed to be a happy and exciting one.

Like Adele I am scared to have baby number 2 due to this. Not only for the baby but also because I have to be strong for Alana as well now.

Unlike Adele, the financial aspect played a massive part for me and still does. Giving up work full time to be able to look after a bundle of joy. Childcare costs are way too expensive I would have been working for nothing.

I adore my daughter but whenever I looked at her I felt I wasn’t good enough for her and I was an awful Mum.

I couldn’t really talk to anyone about it and felt more and more lonely as those I thought I could speak to just didn’t understand. I lost friends because of it.

I also made new ones. I couldn’t find any local support so I thought I’d set a group up myself. This was 2 years ago now and we have a successful support group which is part of PANDAS (Pre & post natal depression advice and support)

I met some lovely ladies through this who all felt the same.

We currently have a fantastic online auction to raise money for the cost of running the group.

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