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No more Nap times!

My lovely just turned 2 year old has now decided nap times are no more 😦

I tell a lie, she will happily nap and sleep for England however, if I then put her to bed at the normal time she’ll spend 2 hours if not more, using her bed as a trampoline and throwing every toy out of her bed then crying for them. So I made the executive decision to stop her naps in the day.

This means she goes to bed at 7:30 and as soon as her head hits the pillow she’s out like a light and sleeps through until 8am which is lovely although when pre school starts at 8:45 and I haven’t set an alarm it’s not so fun!

No nap times also means no “me” time! I used to use this to work, cook, clean etc whilst being able to have Loose Women on in the background. Now I have constant verbal diarrhoea and asking for Frozen or Peppa Pig to be on.

I am trying to teach her to have a “rest” in the day. This means Frozen goes on and we both have to lie on the sofa. I don’t mind that so much and occasionally drift off but it doesn’t solve the me time situation so I am learning to get things done whilst Peppa Pig is on or she’s happy colouring or winding the dog up.

I’ve always been very lucky as she’s been a great sleeper since 6 weeks old and other mums hated me. I guess this is karma!

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