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My thoughts on the school run

My eldest daughter has just started Primary school (yay!) and so far I’m not a huge fan of the school run, it is exactly what people imagine it to be. We walk to and from as it’s only a few blocks away so no need to jump in the car, even if we did the parking is a nightmare. Here are my views-

1. The Lollipop man is a legend!

I’d never realised how brilliant and needed they really are. Being a driver I always found it an annoyance but being on the other side, it’s so handy to have someone to stop the traffic for you. I always say thank you and make sure my children do too!

2. The slow walkers

I like to walk quickly. I have a purpose, walk to school, drop off Alana, walk home, get stuff done! Others seem to like to walk at the speed of a snail and I always seem to get stuck behind them. The worst is when there are about 4 mums who like to walk in a horizontal line across the pavement having a chat and there’s me with my battered buggy behind them trying to get past. Or I get stuck behind the walking bus, that’s just a disaster.

3. Umbrellas

So when it’s raining the umbrellas come out, yet nobody seems to know how to use one. I personally don’t use one because I push the buggy and have Alana clinging onto the side of it, I’m usually carrying her bag and my bag I just physically can’t carry an umbrella too, however every single other person uses one and it’s a game of dodging them to make sure I leave with both of my eyes. Nobody looks where they’re going and it’s every man out for themselves!

4. Queues

There are none. It’s a free for all. I was very confused at first because we’re English, Queuing is what we do but in school it goes out the window and everyone seems to push to shove their child in the classroom and leave (so they can slow walk).

5. Attire

There really is the typical categories of mums.

Off to work mums, gym mums, casual mums etc. I’m the roll out of bed mum but I don’t understand why the gym mums also where a full face of makeup and have immaculate hair in place if they’re going to the gym or for a run, it baffles me. And when do they have the time to do this?

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