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Mum + Work = Wine

An honest blog about being a Mumpreneur and creating the perfect Work/life balance!

What I’ve done today-

Starting from 2am- woke up to give my 3 year old calpol (not an every day occurrence).

5am- Woke up again to a poorly toddler who screamed when I told her she couldn’t have Calpol.

7:30am- Woke up to a moaning toddler, took her downstairs to put CBeebies on.

8am-10am- Fed toddler, washed up, got dressed, got toddler dressed, put on a wash, dealt with poo in knickers, fed 3 month old.

10am- Sat on laptop, did Marketing for my school.

10:20- Met mummy friends, went to Soft-play, ate cake, had mummy lunch, did some shopping.

2:30- Home, dealt with another poo this time the 3 month old. Put on 2nd wash, fed the dog, dealt with dog poo, tidied the kitchen, watched peppa pig whilst twitter marketing and following up emails.

5pm- Tea time for toddler (who didn’t eat), bathed both kids, fed baby, dealt with poo knickers (AGAIN).

6:30pm- Bedtime for toddler, put screaming overtired baby to sleep, call husband to moan he works too much and doesn’t get paid enough and that I look 40 rather than 29!

7pm- Sit and drink wine in kitchen whilst moaning at the dog to stop moving at every noise that passes the house so that neither child wakes up!

Evening is now working out strategies to build my business!

Working for myself can be tough but every day is different! Tomorrow it’s Messy Play, Vet’s & dinner at dads and then Thursday I get to take 30 of my kids to watch School Of Rock in the West End! Not bad eh!

Kim x

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