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Is it ok to shout at another child? 

I’ve been spending a lot of time at playgroups recently with my “terrible” 2 year old.

They’re a cheap way of getting out of the house and letting children run riot whilst you don’t have to do that much especially once they’re above the age of 18 months and quite happy to do their own thing. I like watching my daughter being independent and interacting with other children and sometimes I can sit quietly and have a cup of tea, get some work done on my phone or sometimes have a natter with other mums.

Some mums are very protective and will follow their child everywhere. I see no problem with this but personally I think it’s nice for children to have their freedom.

I sometimes go with another mummy friend. I have witnessed my friend shout at various other children for pushing or hitting or snatching from her child. I have also witnessed her child be equally naughty.

My question is, is it ok to shout at someone else’s child? I’m obviously not talking about teachers or grandparents here but at a playgroup with other parents about to a child you don’t know?

I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable watching another mum shout at my child. If I feel my child has been naughty or done something wrong, it’s my job to tell her/shout at her.

I saw my daughter push another child for the first time and told her off for that. Let’s face it, no child is an angel and they are always learning.

Obviously I realise that you can’t have both eyes on your children 24/7 and if another parent saw my child doing something they shouldn’t, I’d much rather be told than for them to shout at them themselves.

Thanks for reading

Kim x

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