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FourFit Review

With the risk of obesity becoming higher & higher in Britain, the use of smart watches, fit bits etc is becoming more and more necessary. The problem is they cost so much money. FourFit is the answer.

The FourFit bracelet comes in 3 different colours and we have the black one meaning both my husband and I could use it. I originally had for myself but my husband who is also a watch addict quickly became obsessed. 

Not only does it look rather smart but it’s very ‘smart’ too. You’re able to track your sleep, calories, blood pressure, receive messages and more. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a big clunky watch therefore easy to sleep with. 

The app (wear fit) is very user friendly and easy to download and works well with both our Android & apple phones. The LCD display is also very easy to read under sunlight. 

We also received the FourFit mini for Alana. She’s nearly 4 so she can’t tell the time but she loved being just like mummy & daddy and it came in her favourite pink colour. It was easy to read her activity too on our phones. It was very easy to charge as it was just a usb stick and you could change the band colour if you wanted to.

FourFit is definitely the new smart gym buddy for adults & children at a fraction of the price. £29 for children and £49 for adults.

It’s available to purchase here

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