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Decisions for Dudley

Last Thursday started as a completely normal day apart from it was my husbands first day off for the summer, so I dropped Alana to pre school and took the dog for a walk in the park whilst he stayed at home with Mila.

I picked up two poos and threw the ball with the stick thing as I always do for my hyperactive Spaniel who loves to play.

Our walk had nearly finished and I threw the ball and he didn’t return, I looked over and he was sat looking at me holding out his front paw. I ran over to his rescue and you could see his elbow sticking out. I touched it and he yelped.

A lady came over and said she saw him fall and her and her husband offered to help me carry him (all 17kg of him) to the vets which luckily was next door to the park.

They kept him there and did X Rays and we were called with the news that he had broken his Elbow and it would need to be operated on.

They asked if we had insurance and we did so they said that makes things a lot easier and not as stressful for us. Well…..

It turns out our insurance would only cover us for £500 even though it said the yearly policy limit was £3000 it was £500 per condition which essentially means he could have 6 problems per year, yet we’ve never claimed anything before this. The operation was going to cost £4000 plus follow up fees and x rays. This was out of the question and then I heard the vet mentioning the words ‘put to sleep!’

We have now been referred to another surgeon who will do the operation for £1500 but has never done it before so it may not be successful in which case she will just amputate anyway.

Dudley is only 4 years old and is very much a part of our family. It’s crazy that they cost so much money and makes you so thankful for our NHS.

We have set up a Go Fund me site to help with the costs as we have nothing spare, no savings and even though it’s not £4K it’s still a huge amount for us.

You can donate here Go Fund Me we have been overwhelmed by the support from family, friends old & new and people we’ve never met.

We’re keeping everything crossed for our first born baby.

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