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Children are the only things you cannot plan

As the first of my friends to have children I wanted to write about the whole ‘life plan’. So many of my friends are in long term relationships and have this idea that they’re going to buy a house, get married then have children.

Now I am the youngest of all my friends (nearing 30) but some are older at 33. Whilst I do not own my house, that may or may not come later but what if you reach 40 and you’re body is unable to have children. Everyone knows it’s much harder and scientifically proven. You may have early menopause. Not only that but even if you have a child your body is older, it’s not the best idea to be running around after a toddler or crawling on all 4s when you’re starting to get arthritis (ok over exaggerating).

What about the children having more time with their grandparents. My nan died when I was 11 so I spent lots of time with her but my brother was born when my mum was 41 and he was only a baby when she died.

I also think that by that age you are more selfish and so used to be just you that it’s an even bigger shock to your system.

You can buy a house at any age, you can get married any time, have a career whenever you like but it’s much harder to suddenly decide when is the right time to have children.

When I’m 40 my children will be reaching their teens which I’m excited about because I won’t be that old but it will be strange seeing people around me just starting to have babies. At least I can have lots of cuddles. But the point of this post is that it would really upset me if a friend said to me at the age of 40, I can’t have children, I would hate to watch that struggle.

Ladies if a man says let’s wait until we’re older please explain that your body may not be up to it then!

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