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Cheap things to do with the kids in Kent

With the long hot summer ahead of us I thought it would be good to share some cheap ideas to do with the kids.

My children are aged 3 and 1 so it’s slightly easier at the moment to do fun things without spending a fortune.

We spent some time here and hardly any money. There’s a playground, boating lake, cars and mini golf along with a cafe, shop and a big aquatic centre. We missed seeing the fish as Alana was having tantrums but she had a go a driving a boat which cost £2.

Mount Mascal Stables in Bexley have pop up pony rides every Friday 12-1 for £4 or £6 with a rosette. We went last year too when Alana was 2 and it was really lovely for her. You don’t need to be a member and they have different sized horses for the children’s ages.

Knole Park is huge and has lots of different walks. It’s part of the National trust and we aren’t members so it cost us £4 to park but it was definitely worth it. We strolled around for a good 2 hours and saw lots of deer. The cafe is very expensive so definitely take a picnic!

On the 10th August Babyballet have their picnic at Danson Park in Bexley. It’s completely free just take your picnic blankets and food and they have lots of entertainment including dancing and photos with their bears. It’s obviously a big promo event for them but it’s a great idea and entertains the kids. I attend the classes with Mila and used to with Alana but the picnic is for anyone to attend!

We took the family here for Mila’s 1st Birthday. It has a massive garden with a play area and a petting farm. It was just lovely being sat outside. Food was quite expensive. They take bookings for The Biggin Hill airshow as it’s a great location and have a bbq!

These are just a few of the things we’ve done on the cheap!

What are your ideas?

Kim x

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