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‘Breast is best’ if it suits you!

A mum has hit the headlines this morning for Breast Feeding her 5 year old daughter still.

My opinion on this (whilst it really doesn’t matter) is well done to her! There is absolutely no shame in it.

I couldn’t breast feed either of mine.

Alana was Breast fed for 3 weeks with lots of trouble latching on but became under weight and jaundice and went back into hospital so it really put me off.

Mila latched on straight away and fed straight away but I was on a high dose of medication so stopped after 10 days.

Both girls got the best bit (colostrum) and I do not feel I haven’t bonded with either of them because of it.

It gave Matt the chance to bond with them by feeding them too and take it in turns.

If you can do it I think it’s amazing. Children are not children for long and you want to be able to cuddle and kiss them for as long as possible.

There is no shame for mothers who Breast feed but equally no shame to mothers who don’t.

For any new mums, don’t feel pressured into Breast feeding because everyone says Breast is Best but don’t feel shamed by doing it in public or posting your pictures. They are special moments and they are your children, you should be able to feed them for as long as you like.


Baby Alana

Baby Mila

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