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Mums mean business!

Back in 2014 I fell pregnant with my first daughter Alana. I was working full time in Theatre PR. I researched nurseries and childcare options but it was so expensive and on the wage I was on it would’ve been pointless working so I chose to stay at home. However, I had never wanted to just be “a stay at home mum.” I’ve always been very driven, my brain is very creative and is always working and thinking of new ideas.

I trained at Italia Conti which is a Theatre School in London and worked professionally up until 2011. I still love to perform and will never completely give up.

I started teaching children to sing part time once I had my daughter. I worked at various different schools and then came across Make Believe. I had heard of this before on Facebook. I knew another girl from Italia Conti had been running her own school/schools for a while and was very successful. It had always been an idea at the back of my mind to run my own theatre school.

I sent an enquiry and had a phone call from Joel the Managing Director. I ended up going for a meeting with him and I loved it. The passion for the company was so exciting and I knew I really really wanted to run my own school so I bought the Sevenoaks territory and opened my first school in September 2015.

I started with 18 children who signed up. I knew very early on that it was a hard area but the parents and children were wonderful. By the April of 2016 I was up to 40 children. I am now at 60 children and looking to double up. I have worked hard to achieve this with marketing tools but also with my passion to succeed. Being a mother has made me even more passionate and driven to work hard for the family. I now earn a steady income all the while looking after my 2.5 year old daughter.

2 years down the line since opening I am now expecting my 2nd child, opening a 2nd school in September and worked my way up in the company to head of PR.

The opportunities are never ending with Make Believe and joel is so passionate.

I’m so excited about where I might be in 5 years time. I love my Sevenoaks school and all of the children there.

I love being a business mum. Every day is different and I choose my own hours and don’t have to worry about nursery fees.

It’s fun, flexible and means I spend time with my children and I get to still be me!

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